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Subject:PyrateCon Support!
Time:12:20 am
Join us at PyrateCon 2008 when we give away full free issues of the Spring magazine to every guest and vendor at the convention! It's our way of saying thank you for your support as we continue on into our third year of publication and the only magazine created BY Pyrates FOR Pyrates!

Check out some of the Spring highlights with a full 16-page PyrateCon highlight including maps, itinerary, background information, and a with a "one-on-one" session with Scarlott Harlott, our Grand Marshall of PyrateCon 2008! (no, this has nothing to do with how hot she thought my tattoo was in LA the other weekend. . LOL. . . we're just friends.)

I have to give credit to good friend Clay and Capt. Dave who gave me one killer tattoo with The Pyrates Way logo dead center of the art. . . doesn't get more pyratical than that!

Back to PyrateCon. . . . The Pyrates Way caravan of vehicles leaves Delaware to MD then DC and onward to an overnight in Roanoke, VA. The we're on the road to Nashville for another overnight (and to kidnap the best wench photographer in the world, Craig) then in The Big Easy a day early to help the PyrateCon folks set up. We give back to the pyratin' community in every way possible.

The Pyrates Way will be set up in the main lobby next to the registration booth with our own animatronic robot "Aaaargyle" who has been heard from in the magazine but never seen before! Subscribers get to pull FREE booty from our huge treasure chest which includes prizes like DVDs, Pyrate Toys, Glasses, free subscriptions, and even $100 in cash!

We'll also be sponsoring both the Pyrate and Wench of the YEAR contests with prizes, trophies and the chance for each winner to see themselves on the cover of America's premier pyrate magazine. . . THE PYRATES WAY.

The Pyrates Way is also giving a portion of our ad revenue from the Spring issue to the charities of PyrateCon 2008 and including subscription/back issues packs as auction items AND giving FOUR original acrylic paintings to be auctioned! Each one of these paintings has been or will be the back cover to The Pyrates Way magazine! (including Autumn07, Winter07-08, Spring08, & Summer08 issues). Own a piece of pyrate history when you bid on any of these great items for a great cause!

But our Spring Issue just begins with PyrateCon 2008. . . we also include the history of Jean Lefitte. . . . an article about where New Orleans folks go for the best food. . . sights of pyracy outside of pyratecon to see. . . and as we've been giving you for three years. . . Hot Wenches (five beautiful ladies who don't need a lot of Photoshop to be beautiful), A feature about a rum you might not know of, Re-Enactor's Corner, The most up-to-date and authentic pyrate events calendar anywhere, reviews of pyrate DVDs, Music, Books (and in Summer, we'll begin reviewing pyrate websites!), Crosswords, Jokes & Cartoons in our Lollygag section, and a Final Salvo dedicated to West Coast pyrates who've claimed just a piece of this old pyrate's heart.

All that plunder for FREE with your PyrateCon 2008 ticket. . . and that's just what we're offering. . . imagine all the other entertainment, lectures, food, rum, dancing, blackpowder, swords, wench auctions and an invasion of the French Quarter by all of our pyrate brethren.

I could go on, but my screen is covered in white-out.

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Subject:17th Century Reenactment......The forgotton colony
Time:04:35 pm


Everyone interested in the 17th century, especially the long-neglected Dutch colony of New Amsterdam is invited join...... 



It is still, of course, in its earliest stages, but I hope that with enough support and participation we can create an enjoyable and enlightening community.  New Amsterdam was always an unusually polyglot and diverse place when compared with the contemporary English settlements to the North and South.  In this same spirit I would like to emphasize that this community is open to everyone.  We need people with various areas of interest and expertise.  Eventually this group will have its own website independent of Livejournal, but for now this seems an ideal place to start.  I hope we can have fun and inspire interest in this fascinating and long-neglected colony.

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Subject:Bootstrap Costume
Time:02:00 pm
If anyone is interested, I am selling off my Bootstrap Bill Turner POTC costume from last year. The ebay listing is here. Please support my Dragon*Con fund!
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Subject:Pirate RPG members needed UPDATED
Time:12:18 am
~~ we also need a Will Turner ~~

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Subject:Pirate RPG needs members
Time:07:32 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed

the above link is to the Pirate Hangout RPG PotC based... we need some cannon characters because we moved the board and some never followed

Miss Swan
Miss swanns father (i forgethis name right now)

and possibly more... ((there are some very inactive cannon characters that im still waiting on))

OC's are accepted and encouraged
Admins are Jezebel Bloodbeard and Mad Lucas Bible...
Contact Jezebel for more details...

Cross posted everywhere i can.. lol
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Time:09:49 am
Anyone going to PyrateCon 2007 in New Orleans?

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Subject:Ninjas are taking over!
Time:10:59 pm
It's changed from the Wicked Winter Rennisance Festival to the Wicked Winter Pirate Festival.
Now, it's changed to the Wicked Winter NINJA Festival!!!

Check this out: http://www.wickedfaire.com/

What's going on here? I thought that the Pirates were going to have their own festival! Now, I hear that it's going to be an amazing time either way and I hope to see you and your crew there to enjoy the festival, but we have to set something straight and let them know that it belongs to the Pirates!

"Take what you can, give nothing back!"
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Subject:Flying Dutchman
Time:07:34 pm
I took 90 photos of the Flying Dutchman while at Castaway Cay, but I pared it down to ten of the best so you can see all the angles I could get, some different lighting, and a size comparison to the Disney Wonder.


One hundred years before the mastCollapse )
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Current Music:Roses - Pyrates Royale
Current Location:in the pyrates way lair
Subject:Last few days to do it
Time:10:55 pm
Current Mood:über-excited
1) December 31 is the cut off for subscriptions which include the "plank owner" certificates and I.D. cards for the magazine. . . at that point they ALL go into the fire pit. There will be NO MORE of them!

2) December 20th is the cut off for the special ad price for the winter issue which will be the first issue to hit barnes and nobel, borders, etc. . . the magazine for that issue will be 32 pages more without a change in cover price. . but will be the last to have the original cover price! (GO FOR IT. . . get your AD in now!)

3) There are so many new and improved items in The Pyrates Way, we can't list them all! Editorial, Art, Photography, Fiction, Comics, Crossword, Ads, Classifieds, Opinions, History, Information, Education, Stories, and even a special "find all the "FSM" prizes of three vials of REAL gold to the top three subscribers who can spot all the FSM background images in this issue! Don't know what FSM'ism is? Then subscribe NOW!

So there you go m'mates. . . all that and more POTC info to boot. . . .the folks who buy our second, expanded-yet-at-the-same-price issue are in for a HUGE treat!. . .and all you subscribers will get some MORE free booty in the next issue!

We plan to have it into your hands by mid-February and it will be on "the streets" probably a week after th

at (it's in Ingram's hands). . . we can't wait. . . you pirates will be über-impressed!

Steve "Sir Black Fox" Kimball
Publisher, The Pyrates Way

Subject:Look at me Booty!
Time:06:42 am
Current Mood:creativecreative
Ahoy, mateys!

While I've been stuck in port, waitin' for repairs on me ship, I've been designin' these here little treasures for yer entertainment. Take a look, if you so please... me Jolly Roger was drawn by artist Chris Ford, an' he did a mighty fine job of it too! (No plunderin' of the image, please!!)

Me fine shirts say things like:
"I'm a pirate. Want me booty?"
"So many pirates, so little time."
"Pirates get ALL the booty!"
"I <3 Pirates"
"Looking for pirate booty."
- and the ever-popular -
"Who needs RUM when you've got JACK?"

Ye can see all me items at the Pirate Booty section of BelleMarie's Boo-doir. Send me a missive an' let me know if you like 'em. (Or purchase some, so I can fix me ship!)

(I be hopin' that it is all right to post this here... if not, feel free to delete, and accept me apologies... xposted to all the pirate communities listed on me profile, with more apologies...)

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